NetMan - 2004-11-18

I've downloaded the latest source code and updated it with up to 4 months old CVS files. 

I wanted to compile a version with some customized feeds I provide, as with the "Available Feeds" in the tree view with the Binary version. But the compiled source doesn't provide this feature 
apparently. It only shows up a section, as well as the section called "My Feeds" of course, called "Smart Views" providing a "Unread Headlines" and "Todays Headlines" .

I found and modified the feeds sources in the MainForm_FRM but I guess this is just not enough since they don't appear in the compiled binary version. 

I've never programmed in Delphi and I'm actually compiling using a trial version of Delphi 7 that I might buy, but I really would like to be able to provide a version with the customized feeds source to my community and would appreciate a source code where I can change the feeds sources, compile and distribute. 

Thanks for your generous help.