Toomas Toots - 2005-03-16


I'm happy to say that Feedreader project is not dead :). It has been in this situation some times but always it returns... Ok, to be honest, at the moment Feedreader has only one developer and that developer has a lot of things to do. But in May this developer will again have to deal with situation that he will became Dad (second time). So it's time to use those last free months and get this release out and possibly fix bugs that are introduced with new version.

This download is RC1. I have been using it quite a while already but please do not take RC1 as errorfree release. Wait till RC2, RC3 or Stable release, if you are not sure. Of course it does not kill your computer.;)

What's new in 2.80? I will not explain it in quite big detail.

*There are filters
*New smart views menu
*Extension support - it's quite easy to write your own.
*Headlines search got a little bit better
*Feed subscription got a little bit better
*possible to sort feeds

Of course I'm not looked to feature requests and bugs database, i will deal with it later. So there can be bugs that 2.7 had.

At the moment release is not on sourceforge yet because i do not want every standard user to download RC1. Feel free to download it from:

Also latest Source is available on CVS.