#9 Error parsing configuration during startup


Using FeedReader Alpha 2.5 Build 567 on Windows XP
SP 1.

When starting FeedReader, a number of times I have
received a dialog titled "Error loading subscribed feeds.[]
[][][]Parser error." (where the [] is actually a square
which I assume denotes an unprintable character) with
the message "Error" and simply an OK button. When I
click OK, there are no longer any entries in "My feeds".

If I look at the subscriptions.xml file while the feedreader
is running, it still contains my subscriptions, but when I
quit feedreader the new (i.e. empty) configuration gets
saved over it.

I have included a copy of my subscriptions file - the
parse error appears to stop if I remove the password field
from the "MacSlash feed".

Firstly, it appears that the title and body of the error
message have been accidentally switched around.

Secondly, it would be desirable not to lose all the
entries from "My feeds" if a parsing error occurs - maybe
just drop the feed that an error occurs with or maybe
give the user the option not to proceed?.

Thirdly, there is apparently some problem parsing the
password of this feed.

From looking at the source, it appears that this
message is from the exception handler in the procedure
LoadSubscribedFeeds from Misc.pas (which has a
special condition for parsing the password field from the
subscription file), unfortunately I am not a Delphi
programmer or I might try to help :)


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