Fedora Frog 1.0-11.0.0 released

Description: This Bash program provides the Linux administrator an easy way to install applications not installed by default during a Fedora Core installation procedure, and applications that are not part of the standard distribution.

It also tweaks some configuration items. Additional repositories are required beyond the normal Core, Updates, and Extras, and they can be added using Fedora Frog as well.

Frog installs media players such as RealPlayer, Mplayer, VLC, Kaffiene and Xine. It also installs Thunderbird, Firefox, GNUCash, Adobe Reader and Yumex, and some things specifically for System Admins such as chkrootkit.

Fedora Frog is currently supported on Fedora 10 and 11. Support for all previous versions of Fedora has been removed.

Posted by David Both 2009-06-27

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