Fedora Frog Version 1.0-7.0.0 released

Fedora Frog Version 1.0-7.0.0 has been released. It now includes support for Fedora Core5, and Core 6 as well as Fedora 7.

Fedora Frog provides the Linux administrator an easy way to install applications not installed by default during a Fedora Core installation procedure, and applications that are not part of the standard distribution. It also tweaks some configuration items. Additional repositories are required beyond the normal Core, Updates, and Extras, and they can be added using Fedora Frog as well.

Frog offers options to install additional fonts including the new Red Hat Liberation Fonts which are metric replacements for MS TrueType Core Fonts. It also offers the MS TrueType Core Fonts and other TrueType fonts.

Fedora Frog now uses a text mode user menu interface. This enables administrators to use Fedora Frog remotely via SSH or other remote text mode connections.

Fedora Frog now requests user input when deleting application RPMs. This feature was added due to many complex dependencies which would sometimes remove much more than the admin had anticipated.

Posted by David Both 2007-06-30

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