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Posted by Bill Branan 2009-05-11

Fedora Commons: NOW AVAILABLE: Production-Ready Fedora 3.0 Fits With the Web

Fedora Commons provides open-source software to ensure durability and integrity of digital content, use semantics to contextualize and inter-relate content from many sources, and to enable the creation of innovative, collaborative information spaces.

Ithaca, NY--Today Fedora Commons <http://fedora-commons.org> released version 3.0 of the popular Fedora software that completes all general release features. Dan Davis, Chief Software Architect, Fedora Commons, explained, “We are pleased to offer a Fedora 3.0 that is a foundational step towards a model-driven content architecture.” He went on to say, “Users will find it simpler to maintain and operate their repositories with version 3.0—it’s more scalable and fits better into the Web.”... read more

Posted by Carol Minton Morris 2008-07-30

DSpace Foundation and Fedora Commons: Working Collaboration

Washington, D.C.—July 29, 2008 Today two of the largest providers of open source software for managing and providing access to digital content, the DSpace Foundation and Fedora Commons, announced plans to combine strengths to work on joint initiatives that will more closely align their organizations’ goals and better serve both open source repository communities in the coming months.

This advance comes as institutions such as universities, libraries, museums and research laboratories worldwide are focused on utilizing open source software solutions for the dissemination and preservation of scholarly, scientific, and cultural heritage digital content into the future. Making books, articles, films, music, large and small data sets, scholarly works, multi-media, learning objects and mash-ups from all parts of the globe discoverable and accessible is at the core of the DSpace and Fedora collaboration.... read more

Posted by Carol Minton Morris 2008-07-29

Now Available: Content Model-driven Fedora 3.0 Beta 2

Ithaca, NY — The second beta release of the popular Fedora software is now available for testing. The second beta version of Fedora 3.0 completes most of the features planned for the general release of the software. As Dan Davis, Chief Software Architect, Fedora Commons, explains, "This release is ready for early adopters to use as a test and development platform to prepare for Fedora 3.0. While there are a few features and documentation to complete, most of the work left to be done is extensive testing including scalability and to ensure the quality of the final product."... read more

Posted by Carissa Smith 2008-06-20

June Issue of HatCheck Newsletter Now Available

The June 9, 2008 issue of Fedora Commons HatCheck<http://fedora-commons.org/resources/newsletter.php> is packed with news, developments and accomplishments. The current issue features two key improvements. You may now download and print a PDF version of HatCheck <http://www.fedora-commons.org/pdfs/newsletterV1N2.pdf> for easy reading or redistribution at events and meetings, and an archive is now available that will allow you to easily find past news items and issues. You may also sign up for the HatCheck Feedburner service <http://expertvoices.nsdl.org/hatcheck/> (scroll to bottom of right-hand column) if you would like to receive email notification as soon as Fedora Commons news items are posted. Please contact Carol Minton Morris <clt6@cornell.edu> with questions, comments or ideas for future articles.

Posted by Carol Minton Morris 2008-06-12

DSpace Fedora Discussion Tomorrow June 10, 2008

Tomorrow DSpace Foundation and Fedora Commons will be meeting with a few key folks from each community to begin the discussions on identifying ways the communities can work together to advance the missions of both organizations and communities. This will be the first in many discussions with our communities in the hopes of coming up with tangible ways to easily work together. In our effort to make these discussions as transparent and participatory we have set up a skypecast. Skypecast is a broadcast of the meeting available for anyone with a skype account to listen in and participate. The Skypecast can accommodate 100 people. In addition to the Skypecast, we will post the notes from the meeting on our wikis, and hope to have a recording of the meeting that anyone can download.... read more

Posted by Carol Minton Morris 2008-06-09

Hands-on Fedora Training at Red Island Repository Institute

The Red Island Repository Institute: http://vre.upei.ca/riri/ will be held on Prince Edward Island—one of Canada’s premiere travel destinations known for its sandy beaches, golfing, seafood and iconic red dirt roads. Hosted by the Robertson Library August 11-15, 2008, RIRI is targeted at individuals from institutions planning or running a repository program, and is intended for users with a wide range of experience, from managers to programmers. Attendees will be provided with all the information and tools needed to implement and maintain a flexible repository program using Fedora. The Institute fee is $1,800 and includes meals (except suppers), special events, a laptop for use during the course (if needed) and all materials. The registration form is now available: http://vre.upei.ca/riri/node/58 If you have questions about the Red Island Repository Institute, please contact Mark Leggott at riri@upei.ca.

Posted by Carol Minton Morris 2008-04-17

Get Ready for the JA-SIG 2008 Conference

St. Paul, Minnesota--The seventeenth annual JA-SIG Conference
set for April 27-30, 2008 in Saint Paul, MN, Committee reminds attendees, "With nine different higher education projects represented, this is the most diverse conference we've ever held." This observation is in synch with the conference theme, "Higher Education Solutions: The Community Source Way." ... read more

Posted by Carol Minton Morris 2008-04-16

Download the “Roadmap” to Fedora Development

Ithaca, NY The Fedora Commons core development team has made a Roadmap to development available at:


The Roadmap summarizes the strategic vision of Fedora Commons that guides development, documents community themes and priorities that summarize the needs we will addressed in the document, and provides a plan for future software releases to aid in planning for those who adopt the Fedora platform.... read more

Posted by Carol Minton Morris 2008-04-11

“Fedora Day” at OR08: Presentations Available

Southampton, UK “Fedora Day at OR08″ presentations highlight significant core and community work on issues ranging from lightweight web approaches for interoperability via Atom, SWORD, and ORE, to reports on back-end Akubra interoperability and plug-ins for heterogeneous stores. There were 27 presentations altogether. Currently 21 are available for download through in the Fedora section of the OR08 Conference Repository. More are expected, so please keep checking if the one you are interested in viewing is not available yet.... read more

Posted by Carol Minton Morris 2008-04-11

Announcing a Fedora Web-based Learning Object Repository

Amsterdam, Netherlands, January 2, 2008 — Dutch-based Func. Internet Integration has announced the release of Flori 1.0, a new Fedora open source add-on that enables a web graphical user interface (GUI) for learning object repositories.

Flori (Fedora Learning Object Repository Interface) is a web front-end for Fedora that specializes in managing learning objects and their metadata. Key features include virtual repositories and flexible metadata schema's, such an IEEE-LOM. A Dutch localization is provided. Adding other languages is easy.... read more

Posted by Carissa Smith 2008-01-03

Call for Proposals: Fedora Users' Group Meeting OR08

Ithaca, NY, December 17, 2007 — Fedora Commons invites you to submit proposals for the next Fedora User Group Meeting, to be held in conjunction with the Open Repositories 2008 conference (http://or08.ecs.soton.ac.uk/cfp.html). Developers, researchers and practitioners are invited to submit proposals for presentations describing their experiences implementing and using Fedora, or developing software associated with Fedora. The Fedora program committee is currently soliciting proposals for 20 minute presentations. Deadline for submissions is February 4th, 2008.... read more

Posted by Carissa Smith 2008-01-03

Beta One Release of Content Model-driven Fedora 3.0

Ithaca, NY, December 21, 2007 — The 12th release of the popular Fedora software is now available for testing. The first beta version of Fedora 3.0 featuring a Content Model Architecture (CMA), an integrated structure for persisting and delivering the essential characteristics of digital objects in Fedora, is available at http://www.fedora-commons.org/. The Fedora CMA plays a central role in the Fedora architecture, in many ways forming the over-arching conceptual framework for future development of Fedora Repositories.... read more

Posted by Carissa Smith 2007-12-21

Where in the World Are 2008 Fedora User Group Meetings?

Ithaca, NY, December 12, 2007 — As another year ticks by, Fedora Commons communities are planning to meet all over the world. Look for additional news and information about 2008 Fedora Commons User Group meetings and events in Sweden, Canada and the United States as it becomes available.

Melbourne, Australia, February 8, 2008
Beginning in February, The ARROW (Australian Research Repositories Online to the World) Project will host a one day Australian Users Meeting on Friday, February 8, 2008, at the Monash Conference Centre, Collins Street, Melbourne Austrailia.... read more

Posted by Carissa Smith 2007-12-17

OAI-ORE Releases User Guide and Specification Documents

Los Alamos, NM, and Ithaca, NY, December 12, 2007 — On behalf of the OAI-ORE effort, Carl Lagoze, Cornell University, and Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory, are pleased to announce the public alpha release of the OAI Object Reuse and Exchange (OAI-ORE) User Guide and Specification documents. These are now available at http://openarchives.org/ore/toc.

These documents are the result of over a year of effort by a large group of people. Your feedback is requested on their contents as part of the effort to transition these documents to beta and then final production release.... read more

Posted by Carissa Smith 2007-12-17

More Info – Fedora Integration With Sun StorageTek™ 5800 Sys

Ithaca, NY, November 30, 2007 - Earlier this month Sun Microsystems and Fedora Commons announced plans to integrate the Fedora Commons software platform with the Sun StorageTek™ 5800 System. Technical information about the "Sun Honeycomb" system, as it is also referred to, can be found here.

Additionally two whitepapers about the the Sun StorageTek™ 5800 System and Fedora are available from Sun. The first paper, Active Archiving Solution for eResearch Data Sets, is a solution brief that looks at Fedora plus Honeycomb for data archives:
http://www.sun.com/storagetek/disk_systems/enterprise/5800/eresearch_data_sets.pdf... read more

Posted by Carissa Smith 2007-12-05

Fedora UK and Ireland Users Host 18 Institutions in London

London, UK, November 27, 2007 - Fedora users excel at finding opportunities to talk about making better use of Fedora software's unique capabilities. On November 22, 2007, 32 representatives from Fedora projects gathered at Birkbeck College in London for the most recent Fedora UK and Ireland User Group Meeting to do just that. The morning session featured reports from members followed by presentations of general interest in the afternoon. Chris Awre's (University of Hull) meeting notes and selected presentations are available online (http://fedora.info/wiki/index.php/Fourth_meeting). Highlights from community presentations follow.... read more

Posted by Carissa Smith 2007-12-05

UM Launches Digital Collections Portal Based on Fedora

College Park, MD, November 30, 2007 - The University of Maryland Libraries has announced the launch of its digital collections portal at http://www.lib.umd.edu/digital/.

This release marks two and a half years of work in the creation of a repository that serves the teaching and research mission of the University of Maryland Libraries. Many of the objects are digital versions from Maryland's Special Collections (such as A Treasury of World's Fairs Art and Architecture) or are new virtual collections (The Jim Henson Works). Other collections (such as Films @UM) support the teaching mission of the Libraries. This release also marks the integration of electronically available finding aids, ArchivesUM, into the repository architecture, creating a framework for digital objects to be dynamically discovered from finding aids.... read more

Posted by Carissa Smith 2007-12-05

Preservation and Archiving Focus of Sun Meeting in Paris

Ithaca, NY, November 30, 2007 - The Sun Microsystems™ Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (Sun PASIG - http://sun-pasig.org/\), a group dedicated to working on the unique problems of storage and data management, workflow, and architecture for very large digital repositories, held its second meeting in Paris for 171 industry, education, government, and library services representatives from Europe, the United States, Australia and New Zealand on November 14-16, 2007. Sun PASIG plans to host a meeting of leaders concerned with issues of maintaining or restoring access to artifacts, documents and records semi-annually.... read more

Posted by Carissa Smith 2007-12-05

On the New Jersey Digital Highway with Fedora

New Brunswick, NJ, November 26, 2007 - With Fedora under the hood, statewide collaborators on the "New Jersey Digital Highway" (http://www.njdigitalhighway.org/) are providing seamless access to historical collections for every user in the state. Funded in part by a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the New Jersey Digital Highway is a three-plus-year project led by Rutgers University that has digitized more than 10,000 pictures, records, and oral histories and is serving as a model for how to connect community cultural organizations through a central Web site.... read more

Posted by Carissa Smith 2007-11-27

Open Repositories 2008: Deadline 12/9/07 for Papers &amp; Panels

Southampton, UK, November 21, 2007 - (Calls for Posters and User Group Participation to follow later) http://www.openrepositories.org/2008

We invite developers, researchers and practitioners to submit papers describing novel experiences or developments in the construction and use of digital repositories. Submissions of UP TO 4 pages in length are requested for review. See the CFP page at the conference site for submission instructions. Submissions for panel discussions are also requested.... read more

Posted by Carissa Smith 2007-11-21

Fedora Commons Software Platform/Sun StorageTek(TM) 5800

Ithaca, New York, November 13, 2007 - Fedora Commons , a non-profit organization which provides sustainable technologies to create, manage, publish, share and preserve digital information assets, announced today plans to integrate the Fedora Commons software platform with the Sun StorageTek(TM) 5800 System. This collaboration provides a substantial opportunity to advance open systems for durable access to the digital information assets, which increasingly forms the basis for our intellectual, organizational, scientific and cultural heritage. ... read more

Posted by Carol Minton Morris 2007-11-13

OAI/ORE Announces Public Meeting 3/3/2008

Ithaca, NY and Los Alamos, NM, October 31, 2007 - On March 3, 2008 the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) will hold a public meeting at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD to introduce the Object Reuse and Exchange (ORE) specifications. The ORE specifications are developed in response to a significant challenge that has emerged in eScholarship. In contrast to the paper publications of traditional scholarship, or even their digital counterparts, the artifacts of eScholarship are complex aggregations. These aggregations consist of multiple resources with varying media types, semantics types, network locations, and intra- and inter-relationships. The future scholarly communication, research, and higher education infrastructure requires standardized approaches to identify, describe, and exchange these new outputs of scholarship.
The ORE specifications address this challenge with the ORE data model that defines how to associate an identifier, a URI, with aggregations of web resources. By referring to these identifiers, aggregations can then be linked to, cited, and described with metadata, in the same manner as any web resource. The ORE data model also makes it possible to describe the structure and semantics of these aggregations. The ORE specifications define how these descriptions can then be packaged in the XML-based Atom syndication format or in RDF/XML, making them available to a variety of applications. ... read more

Posted by Carol Minton Morris 2007-11-12

National Science Digital Library (NSDL) Introduces NCore

Washington D.C. – Nov. 6, 2007 The National Science Digital Library (http://nsdl.org) Core Integration team at Cornell University led by Dean Krafft presented an overview of “NCore,” an open source suite of technologies and standards that power the National Science Digital Library’s (NSDL) core infrastructure, at NSDL’s Annual Meeting held in Washington D.C. November 6-8, 2007. The presentation "Working With the NSDL 2.0 Data Repository" is available here: http://onramp.nsdl.org/view.php?pid=onramp:104... read more

Posted by Carol Minton Morris 2007-11-09

Muradora: Out-of-the-box Federated Identity, Access Control

The Digital Repository Authorization Middleware Architecture (DRAMA) team is pleased to announce the V1.0 release of Muradora. Its key features are:

- "Out-of-the-box" or customized deployment options
- Intuitive access control editor allows end-users to specify their
own access control criteria without editing any XML.
- Hierarchical enforcement of access control policies. Access control can be set at the collection level, object level or datastream level.
- Metadata input and validation for any well-formed metadata schema using XForms (a W3C standard). New metadata schemas can be supported
via XForms scripts (no Muradora code modification required).
- Flexible and extensible architecture based on the well known Java Spring enterprise framework.
- Multiple deployments of Muradora (each customized for their own specific purpose) can talk to the one instance of Fedora.
- Freely available as open source software (Apache 2 license). All
dependent software is also open source.... read more

Posted by Carol Minton Morris 2007-10-15