Hi Steve,

FYI, the lucene jar in fedora/WEB-INF/lib is only a dependency
of Kowari (a rather old version...Fedora 3.0 will use Mulgara,
the new Kowari).  The jar is only necessary if the Resource Index
module is enabled and using Kowari in embedded mode.

- Chris

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just in case i misled, the problem was in fact due to using stale classes with the new jar. re-compilation of the classes using new jar made it work, so no conflict from what i can see.

incidentally this is an update of the lucene library in elated to v2.2, released on the 19th june.

i see fedora 2.2 still uses lucene 1.3, about time that was updated.

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> does fedora 2.1.1 actually need the lucene 1.3 jar which is
> in server\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28\webapps\fedora\WEB-INF\lib?
> i have upgraded my front end to use lucene 2.2 but it's
> conflicting with this older jar since my front end currently
> shares the same tomcat.
> steve
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