#86 CMDA Off-line Referential Integrity Validator

Release 3.0 B2

Extend Feature 1797214 CMDA Post Processing Validator to add referential integrity tests. The validator MUST test conformance of a digital object to its content model for relations to adjacent digital objects. The validator SHOULD be designed to enable code reuse/sharing with an on-line error description capability.


  • Daniel Davis

    Daniel Davis - 2007-09-18

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    Originator: YES

    Note that the Fedora 3.0 design permits storing objects without any a priori concern whether those objects will function or will conform to any content model. This permits a loose coupling between authoring, ingest, and administration within the Fedora repository. If an object is not in a condition to perform its function when accessed, a run-time error is returned. This means that validation must be performed off-line with respect to access functionality.

  • Daniel Davis

    Daniel Davis - 2007-09-18
    • summary: CMDA Referential Integrity Validator --> CMDA Off-line Referential Integrity Validator
  • Daniel Davis

    Daniel Davis - 2007-11-27
    • milestone: 686607 --> Release 3.0 B2
  • Daniel Davis

    Daniel Davis - 2008-09-15
    • status: open --> closed

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