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Katherine L Morse Ryan

The Federation Engineering Agreements Template (FEAT) benefits all developers, managers, and users of distributed simulations by providing an unambiguous format for recording agreements about the design and use of the distributed simulation. Although the DSEEP explicitly calls for federation agreements and gives some guidance about the contents of such agreements, it provides no guidance on the format or structure of these agreements. Typically, federation agreements are recorded in multiple formats with ad hoc structures and content. As a result, federation agreements are often incomplete and ill-structured, leading to errors and rework resulting from misunderstanding of the agreements. To address these issues, the community needs a detailed, unambiguous template for recording federation agreements. SISO has developed an XML schema designed to record all federation agreements determined to be of use to federation developers and participants.

The FEAT schema:
• Provides an unambiguous format for recording agreements
• Recommends agreements to be recorded during federation engineering to improve the process
• Provides a mechanism for clear communication of federation engineering technical specifics and status between all federation stakeholders
• Enables the next generation of federation engineering and execution tools that can read FEAT documents and operate directly from those agreements

The FEAT schema is standardized under the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO). More information on the FEAT Product Support Group is here.

The FEAT Editor allows users to edit and view FEAT documents without having to understand XML.

The latest executable version is available under Downloads. The version naming convention is <schema major version>.<schema minor version>.<year[4]>.<month[2]>.<day[2]>. The latest stable version is the one without a date stamp, e.g. v3.0, not v3.0.2014.12.03.

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