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FDMe 1.10.2

A intermediate version of the great Download Manager will be released very soon. It contains Registry entries, and un- and installers. Besides, it includes Start Menu support for all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Posted by Johannes Richter 2010-03-24

Call-back Operating System: Apple

Regrettably I found out that Free Download Manager 1.9.1 in the current constellation does NOT support the Apple operating system. If someone succeeded fixing this problem, please contact me. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Johannes Richter 2009-09-14

FDMe 1.9.2

The next version, 1.9.2 will approximately come out in the end of August. See the changes on the project homepage and await the update patiently!

Posted by Johannes Richter 2009-07-16

The next generation - FDMe 2.0

Intended to change is for example (main points):
- New skin
- excessive labor of the translations
- and I hope to be able to decrease the size again!

So: look forward for FDMe 2.0!

Posted by Johannes Richter 2009-05-19