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Version 2.0 Released

FDD Tools 2.0, the platform independent, open source, agile project management tool supporting the Feature Driven Development project management methodology has been released.

This release moves the tool to using the FDDI-compliant XML as the native persistence format and provides basic support for Work Packages and custom Milestones.

2.0 is a Beta release, and lays the foundation for extending the functionality in the tool to support Work Package reporting and other advanced features. ... read more

Posted by Vernon Stinebaker 2009-07-19

Release 0.8.7

Release 0.8.7 has been finalized.

Release 0.8.7 is our internationalization release. This release includes English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese translations (corrections and offers to help us add support for additional languages most welcome).

Note that we've appended the release number to the end of the filenames to make them unique (a new requirement of the SourceForge Release system).

Special thanks to Andres, our newest member, for getting this release together, and to Ms. Carrie Wang and Ms. Yue Yuan for the Chinese and Japanese translations.

Posted by Vernon Stinebaker 2005-10-19

Release 0.8.7 in CVS

Release 0.8.7 is in CVS. We plan on releasing the binary version as soon as we can work out a problem with assigning the files to the release.

Posted by Vernon Stinebaker 2005-10-18

New FDDTools team member

The FDDTools team is very happy to welcome a new member to our development team. Andres Acosta has joined us and has already started to contribute to enhancing and improving the tool. We are very happy to have Andres aboard, and look forward to upcoming releases incorporating his contributions.

Posted by Vernon Stinebaker 2005-09-28

Release 0.8.5 Refresh

One of our kind friends at featuredrivendevelopment.com pointed out that there was a problem running the 0.8.5 release on pre-Java5 JDK/JRE, so we've rebuilt using Java 1.4. Our apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Posted by Vernon Stinebaker 2005-07-03

Release 0.8.5

Release 0.8.5 is now live! 0.8.5 includes several UI enhancements which make the tool easier to use, includes simple printing capability, and improvements to the "Save as Image..." feature to only save the actual image with no additional 'white space'.

Posted by Vernon Stinebaker 2005-07-03

Screenshots and CVS updates

A couple of screenshots of version 0.8.5 have been added to the Screenshots section, and the 0.8.5 code has been checked into CVS. The 0.8.5 release packages should be up within the next couple of days.

Posted by Vernon Stinebaker 2005-07-02

Save As Image bugfix in CVS

There was a bug in the Save As Image functions that resulted in additional area outside of the required space for the displayed image to be persisted.

Posted by Vernon Stinebaker 2005-06-17

200+ Downloads

We're happy to announce that we have exceeded the 200 downloads mark for the 0.7 release, and we're rapidly approaching 1000 total downloads.

The team is still busy on a variety of non FDD Tools related (real job) things, but we are slowly progressing with the next release.

Our thanks to everyone who's downloaded the tools. We'd like to invite you to review the roadmap or tell us about any features that are important to you that we should include in our next release.... read more

Posted by Vernon Stinebaker 2004-12-10

Still here -- just busy

We're still here, and still plan on adding additional features and improvements to FDDTools. Unfortunately our daytime jobs and some personal activities have impeded our progress.

We've now opted in to display the donation option for the project. If you find FDDTools useful, and would like to donate, feel free to do so. 50% of any donations will go to the Apache Foundation and the remaining amount will be used to sponsor engineering support to further develop FDDTools.

Posted by Vernon Stinebaker 2004-11-19

Release 0.7 Rolled Out

Release 0.7 has been rolled out with some minor enhancement and bug fixes.

Posted by James Hwang 2004-09-03

Release 0.6 Now Available

Release 0.6 is now available. This release is a significant enhancement, enabling editing (creating, updating) projects within the UI as well as saving/loading projects (in XML format).

Posted by Vernon Stinebaker 2004-08-17

This project is Active!

We're very happy to see the number of downloads and hits to the FDD Tools home page. We're continuing work on the project and expect a new release on August 9th. In the meantime, if you're a developer, feel free to check out the 'bleading edge' stuff from CVS. Hopefully you'll see some things you like.

Posted by Vernon Stinebaker 2004-07-30

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