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FreeDOS documentation Wiki back online

A few days ago, I restored a backup of our documentation Wiki and removed heavy spamming (link farms) from dozens of pages. Twelve hours later, everything was totally spammed again. So, following JeremyD's example from (the tech wiki), the user documentation wiki on now uses a blocklist to stop spammers. I hope you will enjoy using the resurrected wikis for DOS-friendly things again now :-). The doc wiki also features the MetaFaq, which has pointers to our best FAQ entries...! By the way - the FAQ engine now has spam filtering, too...

Posted by Eric Auer 2006-06-08


We had a few problems with the site, including wiki and faq. Soon, everything will be back to it's normal state.

Posted by CarlosAB 2005-09-05

New coordinator

The FD-DOC project has a new coordinator, me, Carlos Bonamigo and also a new homepage for the project that will be ready soon. Everybody is invited to collaborate and we will be using the pmwiki wikiwiki engine to ease the maintenance of the FD-DOC documentation.

Posted by CarlosAB 2004-11-16

German FreeDOS Kompendium

Thought everyone might like to see Stefan Mayrhofer's terrific effort to create a Germn documentation Wiki for FreeDOS. Stephan writes: "hi, I'm working on a German wiki book called 'FreeDOS Kompendium' at based on the wiki concept so everyone is invited to contribute (in German) to it. of course all content is under the terms of gfdl. Maybe someone wants to translate this to other languages."

Posted by Jim Hall 2004-10-30

FreeDOS How-tos in DocMan

Hi! I've (finally!) finished moving all of the FreeDOS How-tos into the DocMan system ( My next step now is to insert the Spec/Manifesto into DocMan.

Posted by Jim Hall 2004-06-17

Mini How-tos in DocMan

Just a note to let you know how I'm doing on the Mini How-tos, and migrating them into DocMan. I've finished moving all of the FreeDOS Mini How-tos (except the emacs/freemacs Mini How-tos - see\) into the DocMan system ( My next step now is to insert the full How-tos and Spec/Manifesto into DocMan. This may be easier, since I can just upload the html directly.

Posted by Jim Hall 2004-02-05

FreeDOS Migration Guide in DocMan

As an experiment, I've taken Johnson Lam's "FreeDOS Migration Guide" and put it into DocMan: It's easy enough to define "FreeDOS How-tos" and "FreeDOS Mini How-tos" in the SF documentation manager, and you can submit and edit documentation fairly easily. But I'd really prefer to have an audit trail of some kind within DocMan, to show who edited a document at what date/time (currently only shows last modified date/time.)

Posted by Jim Hall 2004-01-18

Moving FD-DOC into DocMan?

I'm considering how to improve the FD-DOC project, to make it easier for new users to contribute to our documentation. I'm concerned that by using 'roff -ms' as our documentation standard, we have set the bar too high for new documenters. It doesn't make a lot of sense to require that a user learn what is essentially a document-programming language (roff) just to contribute to a FreeDOS How-to. So I'm thinking about moving our FreeDOS documentation into the SF DocMan.
What do you think? Join the discussion on fd-doc-list.

Posted by Jim Hall 2004-01-18

Manifesto has been updated

I've updated the FreeDOS Manifesto with a new Romanian translation, and took the opportunity to clean up the files a little bit. My email address was very out of date, and some other minor cleanup. Thanks!

Posted by Jim Hall 2003-05-17

FreeDOS FAQ moved to FD-DOC

Earlier this month, we moved the FreeDOS Help over to FD-DOC. As promised, I've also moved over the FreeDOS FAQ to the FD-DOC site. This is really a complement to the FreeDOS Help.

Posted by Jim Hall 2003-04-29

FreeDOS Help moved to FD-DOC

I've moved the FreeDOS Help pages from the FreeDOS web site to the FD-DOC site. You'll find here the most common problems and questions and their answers, a command reference if you just want some quick information, and a new user guide for those using DOS for the first time.

Posted by Jim Hall 2003-04-11

New HOWTOs posted

Uwe Kuehn has contributed new German translations of several docs in the FreeDOS Documentation Project: FreeDOS HOWTO Start, FreeDOS HOWTO (template), and FreeDOS Contribution HOWTO. Uwe has also contributed several German translations of other documentation for the FreeDOS software distributions ( I've posted the new HOWTOs that include Uwe's new files. Thanks!

Posted by Jim Hall 2003-03-15

Description of HTML Help format

A reference guide is now available describing the subset of HTML supported by help v5.1.0 beta. It can be found in the Docs section.

Posted by Robert Platt 2002-12-01

Milestone 1 has been set in stone!

Milestone 1 has been established. Each of the official FD-DOC HOWTOs has been listed as a task, except for the DOSEmu HOWTO. We are mirroring the DOSEmu HOWTO for convenience only.

Posted by Eugene Wong 2001-03-09

New co-ordinator.

Jim Hall has placed me in charge of the project, as a coordinator. I intend to carry on the project without any changes to any goals or standards. It should be as if he is still doing the work.

To contact the FreeDOS Documentation Project coordinator, which is me at this point, please email me at

In the event that we get another coordinator, will be aliased to somebody else so that you won't have to keep track of new email addresses.

Posted by Eugene Wong 2001-03-08

Documents now available from CVS

I have imported the FreeDOS Documentation Project docs into CVS on our Sourceforge project. The HOWTOs, mini-HOWTOs, FreeDOS Spec, and FreeDOS Manifesto have been made available. Please email me with your Sourceforge user ID if you are a current maintainer of one of the docs under the FD-DOC project, and I'll extend CVS updates to you. The FD-DOC maintainer can always be reached at

Posted by Jim Hall 2001-02-01

FD-DOC moves to SourceForge!

Hi everyone! It's been pretty quiet on this list lately, so I thought I
would post some news. The 'fd-doc' (FreeDOS Documentation Project)
request has been processed by the kind folks at SourceForge. I have
already updated the site info, and deactivated a few features so we
don't have things being duplicated on SF and on the FreeDOS site.

I haven't added a Trove entry. I don't know how to categorize it.
There doesn't seem to be an entry for "Documentation project" or
anything like it. I could use "Systems - operating system - kernel" but
that doesn't adequately describe the FreeDOS Documentation Project.... read more

Posted by Jim Hall 2001-01-17

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