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"Release" 2.5.0

Well, unfortunately I can't upload a release package of 2.5.0 due to a bug in konqueror (and due to netscape not wanting to run on my system), but it's "released" nevertheless (CVS tag release_2_5_0).

Changes from 2.4 to 2.5:

(1) Rewrote most of the shell scripts in Perl (creinig)
(2) Optimized the shell/Perl stuff (processing time reduced by about 87%) (creinig)
(3) Optimized the PS output a bit (file size 60MB instead of 180) (creinig)
(4) Removed some of the dependencies on the kernel coding style (creinig)
(5) Made the code a bit more understandable / extensible (creinig)
(6) Added a0 paper format to posterize (creinig)

Posted by Christian Reiniger 2001-04-15

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