#594 The Bugs in Full Screen Mod

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  1. According to the Help File, if "Full screen" in Video config is checked, FCEUX will enter full screen when it is loaded. But this doesn't take effect, FCEUX still in window mode when it runs again, and the "Full Screen" item is not checked.
  2. Please make the menu bar usable when in full screen, because if some of the operation in the menu is not assigned a shortcut key, it would be impossible to do it in full screen, you have to reverse to window and perform it. And if the Toggle Fullscreen has no shortcut, you even can't reverse to window unless you exit the emulator by pressing Alt+F4!
  3. Despite to the problem above, I suggest to make the menu in fullscreen appears when mouse cursor moves to the top of screen, like some of the other softwares, and you can press Alt+? to call the menu.


  • AnS

    AnS - 2013-04-20
    1. This is a mistake in the Help File, I'll fix the text.
      This checkbox is only meant to switch to Fullscreen immediately, not forever.
      Switching to Fullscreen before even loading any ROM does not make sense, because you can't open ROMs while in Fullscreen. So there's no point in launching FCEUX in Fullscreen mode.
      But there's another option: "Enter full screen mode after game is loaded". Enable it, if you prefer to play games in Fullscreen. And also enable the "Auto-resume old play session" option, so that FCEUX will load the last ROM on startup and thus automatically switch to Fullscreen on startup.

    2. What do you mean no shortcut? The "Toggle Fullscreen" hotkey is mapped by default to "Alt+Enter". Also, there's an option to switch Fullscreen by double-click anywhere in the FCEUX window - you can find the option in Config->GUI.

    3. Yeah, that feature would be kinda neat, but probably a bit difficult to implement. I don't think there's enough need for the feature.

    • Ikyo

      Ikyo - 2013-04-21
      1. OK, now I understood.
      2. Although there are so many ways for fullscreen switching, but all of them can be disabled. If the right click menu, the double click and the shortcut key are all unchecked and cleard, and then enter fullscreen, there's no way to reverse to window and even no way to reactive any one of them, unless you exit the emulator.
      3. Would it be easier to combine it to the right click menu? Add an item call "Mian menu" or whatever its name, and its second level has "File","NES","Config"...etc?
      Last edit: Ikyo 2013-04-22
  • AnS

    AnS - 2013-04-20
    • Priority: 5 --> 3

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