'Flying Colors Assistant' helps you with yotu 'Flying Colors' games in many ways. Here is a detailed list of the program most important current and future features.

What does 'Flying Colors Assistant' do?

  • Game general parameters: The program records battle name, year and audacities of all sides.
  • Ship stats: Like using pencil-and-paper stats sheets, the program allows you to track relative, rate, damage and status (damaged, dismasted, on fire, etc.) of each ship.
  • Commanders: The program can register every commander present in the battle, its characteristics, status (good, wounded or killed) and the ships he is in.
  • Game calculations: The program makes all the firing and damage calculations for you. This includes determining relative rate, fire-power, rake attempts, hit roll modifiers, damage modifiers, possible fires and commander casualties. It also makes the die rolls for you, so you only have to click on the "calculate shot" or "apply damage" buttons and see the results.
  • Detailed rule-related explanations: All the game calculations carried out automatically by the program are explained with detail on screen, in terms of game rules. This is useful in case you want to check out, for instance, why your ship has just caught fire or your admiral has been killed.

What does it not do (yet)?

So far, the development of 'Flying Colors Assistant' has been focused on the most important combat-related aspects of the game (firing and taking damage). Therefore many aspects of the rules are not yet included. More precisely:

  • Movement rules: The program does not keep track of the ships positions neither the wind direction or strength. You still have to determine their movement points manually.
  • Melee combat.
  • Ships collisions, fouling and grappling.
  • Ship Status Check: Rules for ship fires resolution, drifting, striking, etc. are not yet included. However the program incorporate tools so you can update the ship stats according to the effects of this events.
  • Victory determination.
  • Optional rules: No optional rules have been implemented yet. This includes chasers, running aground, towing, shore batteries, etc.


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