#56 workspace names in pager


Showing workspaces names in pager. Different name's background for current and other workspace. Configurable font, colors and size.

Example config:
ShowNames = true
NamesHeight = 12
NamesFmt = <span color="red" font="7">%s</span>
NamesBackgroundNormal = #00ff00
NamesBackgroundActive = #0000ff


  • Anatoly Asviyan

    Anatoly Asviyan - 2011-07-24

    Hi, couple of comments
    1. with updated binary and not updated config file, starts in 10 sec and use 100% cpu
    2. with both binary and config updated, puts all work-spaces into single DA (drawing area), instead of putting each work-space into dedicated DA. So everything is TOO small. Try 4 work-spaces with panel height 24 pixels

    Can you change the code to show work-space names in a tooltips, and we will thinks what to do next

  • bercik-rrp

    bercik-rrp - 2011-08-01


    ad.1 I can't reproduce this problem, but I change default settings, so should be better.

    ad. 2. I add ShowNamesInTooltip option (enabled by default). ShowNamesInPager is now disable by default, but I don't remove this option, because for higher panels (for example height=52):
    - It looks good
    - It is useful (especially when using more than 4 workspaces) - reduces the height of wokspace thumbnails and occupied place by pagger on the panel.


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