Hi All
I'd like announce release of version 6.1 of fbpanel.
This release features major enhancements and bug fixes, namely:
* new plugin - laptop battery monitor
* new plugin - volume control
* multiline placement of elements in taskbar, launchbar and tray
* digital clock in vertical layouts draws hours above minutes
* fixed compilation issues in busybox environments
* fixed locale/NLS issues in configure
* autohide was improved

Detailed changelog is
New Features:
* 2977832: meter plugin  - base plugin for icons slide show
* 2977833: battery plugin
* 2981332: volume plugin
* 2981313: Enhancements to 'tclock' plugin - calendar and transparency
* multiline taskbar: new config MinTaskHeight was added to set minimal
  task/row height
* multiline launchbar: row height is MaxIconSize
* scrolling on panel changes desktops
* dclock vertical layout was implemented. It still draws digits
  horizontaly if there is enough space
* new global config MaxEelemHeight was added to limit plugin elements
  (eg icons, messages) height
* 993836: add GTK frame to non-transparent chart plugins

Fixed Bugs:
* 2990621: add charging icons to battery plugin
* 2993878: set menu icons size from panel config not from gtk rc
* fixed locale/NLS issues with configure
* chart class struct was made static
* 2979388: configure broken - problems in busybox environments
* fixing variable name check in configure
* 2985792: Menu disappears too quickly
* 2990610: panel with autohide disappears when positioned at (0,0)
* 2990620: fix dclock for vertical orientation
* 2991081: do not autohide panel when menu is open
* 3002021: reduce sensitive area of hidden panel

Regards, Anatoly