fbpanel supports fredesktop.org tray spec only. imho, kde apps use different protocol (at least old one).
So they should not show up - they are not supported.
But to be sure that it is not fbpanel's bug try gnome-panel or sfce4-panel - they both use fredesktop spec only.

2007/4/25, Sy Ali <sy1234@gmail.com>:
I re-tried with 4.9 and get the same results.  I cannot get KDE tray
icons to appear in fbpanel.  Skype appears in the tray properly.

I copied the default configuration and re-tested, and it still would not work.

I tried rolling back to an earlier revision just to see if I was
insane, and ended up with 4.5, and the same results.  Which says that
perhaps the KDE functionality just isn't there...

but since I still can't get blackbox working, I'm not sure how to test
this feature in fbpanel.

Are KDE tray icons working for anyone else?  How would i get them
working for me?

Regards, Anatoly