Hi , All
I am glad to announce new fbpanel release - 4.8.
This release fixes segfault bug of 4.5 and adds new features, namely
a) building application menu from *.desktop files
b) support for themed icons
c) pager can show desktop wallpaper
d) bugfixes, a lot of them

Please help me in testing !!! I'd like to avoid what happened with 4.5 release -
it run ok for me,  but segfaulted for a lot of other people.
I'll wait for your bug reports a week and if nothing will come then I'll announce it on
a freshmeat.net

Enjoy new version http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=66031

==== CHANGELOG =========
* help text in configurator was made selectable
* pager shows desktop wallpaper
* expanding tilda (~) in action field in config files
* menu icons size was set to 24 from 22 to avoid scaling
* avoid re-moving panel to same position
* plugins section in configurator dialog suggests to edit config manually
* taskbar vertical layout was fixed
* taskbar 'icons only' mode was optimized
* fbpanel config window has nice "star" icon

New Feature
* Build application menu from *.desktop files
* Using themed icons. Change icon theme and see fbpanel updates itself
* default config files were updates to use new functionality

New Features
* [ 1295234 ] Detect Window "Urgency".
* Raise window when drag target is over its name in taskbar
* fixing meory leaks from XGetWindowProperty.
* fix urgency code to catch up urgency of new windows
* taskbar: correct position of task's label
* taskbar: remove extra spaces
* taskbar: do not create event box beneath task button
* taskbar: use default expose method in gtk_bar
* taskbar; use default expose method in task button
* taskbar: cleaning up dnd code
* launchbar: visual feedback on button press

Regards, Anatoly