#32 Let user decide what happens w/ (de)pressing taskbar windows

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As it is now (4.1), if you de-press (ie. un-select) a
taskbar window, it will cause the window to iconify. If
you press a taskbar window it will de-iconify (if it
was iconified) and focus the window.

I propose to allow the user to specify what happens to
the window when he presses or depresses it in the taskbar.

The reason for this: [de]iconification is nice and all,
but restrictive. If you allow people to set/clear any
EWMH flag combinations when pressing/depressing taskbar
windows, fbpanel would become a lot more powerful and
flexible. It would be generically capable of emulating
behaviour found in other graphical interfaces or
operating systems.

One such example would be emulating "minimization" from
Windows. Sure, there's no way to perfectly imitate
minimize; since X also has workspaces, iconification
works somewhat different because the iconified list is
common to all workspaces, so you get a kind of "sticky"

But if fbpanel had this feature, I could ask it to set
"always-on-bottom" and "shade" when depressing the
window; and when I press a window I would ask to clear
"shade", clear "always-on-bottom", and set "focus".

As for iconification, I don't think fbpanel should
provide any special menu entry for it, like it does
with close. Most window managers offer buttons or
titlebar menus which you can use to control
iconification anyway, and there are also keygrabbing
utilities and so on.

fbpanel shouldn't worry about a particular thing, IMHO
it should try to offer a more generic, flexible and
powerful feature instead.


  • Anatoly Asviyan

    Anatoly Asviyan - 2005-05-28
    • priority: 5 --> 4
  • Anatoly Asviyan

    Anatoly Asviyan - 2007-04-23
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