#25 Bug with taskbar bars&trouble with tray


I have been using fbpanel for several months, and during that time i
had noticed a few bugs.

1) I usually use two or more workspaces. While the window of the
application i run isn`t iconfied, everything is OK: fbanel shows one
application bar on the one workspace, and nothing on another
workspaces. But after iconfying the window the bar of the runned
program appears on ALL the workspaces. I`ve noticed this bug being
present on the previous releases of fbpanel - i`ve tried almost all the
versions of it since 3.4.

2) How does the system tray works? What kinds of applications is it
able to catch? For example, I use Licq, but it refuses to run in tray. (I
even tried SIM installed from binaries, and result was the same).

I tried diiferent window managers, including blackbox(v0.65 and v0.
70), openbox (2.3.1 and 3.2), The bugs listed above appeared in all of

Perhaps I'll try to fix bugs by myself, but i have lack of experience at
programming for unix:) So i hope u'll fix it. Fbpanel is a perfectly good


  • Anatoly Asviyan

    Anatoly Asviyan - 2004-10-27

    Logged In: YES

    it is not a bug, but a well documented feature :-)
    all *box wms (openbox, flux, balckbox) assign iconified
    window to ALL desktops. fbpanel just reflect this situation.
    try for example xfwm4 or metacity to see the difference

    fbpanel systray uses NETWM tray protocol only. try gaim or
    fbxkb to see it working. some apps (espessially old KDE
    apps) still use another protocol and hence are invisible to
    fbpanel's tray

    Please, if you have several different bugs, submit several
    bug reports. This way I can close one bug and leave another
    one open (and possibly fixed by someone esle)

    thanks for bug reports

  • Anatoly Asviyan

    Anatoly Asviyan - 2004-10-27
    • status: open --> closed-rejected

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