#7 Left-Right key repeat

Gameplay (2)

Adding key repeat for left and right directions.ie : letting
the right/left keys down move the block step bystep to
the right/left. A longer delay should be waited before the
first repeat than while it's already moving.


  • Jared

    Jared - 2003-05-22
    • status: open --> closed
  • Jared

    Jared - 2003-05-22

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    I had thought about adding a feature like this but I decided
    against it for the following reasons: on high levels, there
    is not time to wait for a key to start repeating; making the
    delay too short (to combat the first problem) could cause
    people to accidentally move a piece too far. I feel that
    both of these problems are good reasons to not confuse the
    user by moving the block further than they specified.

    Perhaps an option for this could be added, but there is
    currently no option subsystem, so this would take far too
    much work.

  • Jared

    Jared - 2010-12-08

    Thanks for the suggestion! I reversed my original decision for FBG2, so this feature is now available.

    The reason I changed my mind is that I got used to having repeat on certain versions of a game that is very similar to this one.


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