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Posted by Javier Soques 2003-06-30

Embeded version

Released a special version to use fbembed.dll

Posted by Javier Soques 2003-06-08

New release

** 2003/05/29 **
Changed method names to reflect what they do.

Old name New name
ExecuteDDL ExecuteBatch
ExecuteDML ExecuteSelect


ExecuteBatch executes SQL statements that don't return datasets. It can execute many
statements separated by semicolon (;) all in a single transaction. Great for executing many
INSERTS, DELETES and UPDATES, etc. If you need to execute a statement that contains
a semicolon in the statement (for example CREATE TRIGGERS) then use ExecuteStatement,
which executes a single statement.
Look at the VB example 1 to see how these methods are called.... read more

Posted by Javier Soques 2003-05-29

New release 0.11

** 2003/05/24 **
Enhanced ExecuteDDL, now supports multiple SQL statements separated by colon (;). This
method is really for executing SQL statements that don't return data. I don't know if I should
change the name since DDL means Data Definition Language (CREATE, DROP, ALTER, etc.)
and it can also do INSERTS, UPDATES & DELETES. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
By the way these multiple statements are executed in a transaction. Added a new button to the
VB example to show this enhanced method.

Posted by Javier Soques 2003-05-25

New release 0.1a

Fixed ExecuteDDL, it always returned boolean false. Now returns correct boolean value.
Fixed VB example1 button 3. Trying to drop non existant table. Changed boolean test in button 2 from Not rv to rv = False.

Posted by Javier Soques 2003-05-22

First Release

I just released version 0.1

Posted by Javier Soques 2003-05-17