Frozen Bubble for Series 60 / News: Recent posts

S60 3rd Edition

At last I'm pleased to announce the new release for
the S60 3rd edition platform. It's been designed for the 176x208 resolution. A version for the 240x320 resolution will be developed soon.

Posted by Elias Konstantinidis 2007-05-19

Version 0.94 released

Just the sound engine has changed so the game becomes more stable.

Posted by Elias Konstantinidis 2007-04-11

0.93 version for colourblind people

There is now a new build for colourblind people available. This means that all balls are marked with a number on it so they do not only differ by color but by the number written on it as well.

Posted by Elias Konstantinidis 2005-10-30

Version 0.93 released!

A new version has been released. It features bug fixes (including memory leaking) and save/load capability.

Posted by Elias Konstantinidis 2005-02-02

Version 0.92 released

New version has been released. The files uploaded for the first 2 days seemed to be corrupted. Now they have been reuploaded and they are ok.

Posted by Elias Konstantinidis 2004-08-27

Version 0.91 released

A new version was just released which includes many bug fixes, source compatibility with older series 60 versions. Binaries for older versions will follow.

Posted by Elias Konstantinidis 2004-06-20

First release is out!

Well, the first release of frozen bubble for series 60 devices is out. What's important is that it keeps the same game play of the original FB. However, it certainly needs to be tested.

Posted by Elias Konstantinidis 2004-06-03