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Version 0.8 is coming!

The project is not dead, HTML5 came and we took a break to refresh and rethhink the whole thing... but the break has been longer than expected...

Now it's almost ready, version 0.8 will come with a lot of new features and improvements!

Stay tuned, more news soon!

Posted by fbb labs 2013-10-11

New release 0.7.0 WITH INSTALLER released!

A new release is available, this time including a new (beta) installer.

Create an database, unzip the files and set up faves-ERP!

Read INSTALL.TXT for more details

There is still a lot to do (like to move all configs to "inc" folder) ... and demo data should be improved... will do!

Have fun!

Posted by fbb labs 2012-11-16

faves-ERP Beta 0.6.7 available

New release available in the downloads section.

Posted by fbb labs 2012-11-04

Preparing the new release 0.6.7

Hi folks!

We're not dead, just very busy testing our app in some production environments and learning a lot about american accounting & inventory standards (now faves is mainy "european invoicing style"). Next realese still will take some time but will include (step-by-step) important changes related to usability in the real world.

Posted by fbb labs 2012-08-15

faves-ERP Beta 0.6.6 available

New release available in the downloads section.

Development is being a bit delayed in order to write some basic documentation...

Posted by fbb labs 2012-06-15

Release 0.6.5 Announcement

Version 0.6.5 is now available for download in the files section.

Important changes:

  • PHPMaker framework updated to 9.0.1
  • Most queries rewriten for ADODB, now faves-ERP could run in

  • MySQL

  • Postgres
  • Oracle
  • MSSQL Server
  • Access

New customized cofiguration files should be added,as for now the default is MySQL.

Some (GPL) components will need to be re-compiled or re-written for multi database
support. RunJasperReports (agile soft) included only contains JDBC drivers for MySQL and
Postgres, like others (luxcal,AfterLogic webmail). In future releases we will publish
patches or alternative configurations for such components.... read more

Posted by fbb labs 2012-05-08

Release 0.6.4 available.

0.6.4 release is available for download.


auto-archiving documents working (unstable)
Better handling for cascade (details) archiving/deleting (unstable)
MRP changes, basic planner
New shipping module and issue to shipping funtions.
New MRP planners (base)
New reports
New Pricing tables & structure
Dynamic (factorized) pricing (test)

Some changes require more work & debugging to be 100% functional in release 0.6.5

Posted by fbb labs 2012-04-09

Release 0.6.4 yet delayed

Next release will take few weeks more to be ready...

In advance, the most interesting changes:

  • auto-archiving documents working
  • Better handling for cascade (details) archiving/deleting
  • MRP changes, basic planner
  • New shipping module and issue to shipping funtions.
  • New MRP planners (base)
  • New reports
  • New Pricing tables & structure
  • Dynamic (factorized) pricing (test)
Posted by fbb labs 2012-03-05

New release 0.6.3 available for download

Changelog 0.6.2 to 0.6.3

  • New Sales Quotation scripts
  • Several bugfixes in globals and translations
  • New/fixed MRP functions and scripts,main MRP splitted into MRP grouped by products and MRP Tree from Sales Orders/Work Orders/Projects
  • New Main Menu script, under testing

New Pricing/Costing scrits are almost ready to be included in next releases but
will need major changes in current DB structure, now being tested.... read more

Posted by fbb labs 2012-01-29

New Weekly Release 0.6.2

Changelog 0.6.1 to 0.6.2

  • New menu style added,using YUI libs.
  • New Sales Order and New Delivery Note screens updated.
  • Auto-number and auto-search word works again for SO and Invoices. Scripts are being ported to the other scripts.
  • New Projects/Contracts table. Under progress.
  • DB Dump (sql file) fixed.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.
Posted by fbb labs 2012-01-15

Version 0.6.1 Uploaded

  • Added iReports support, using runjasper java component
  • Fixed auth/login checks and headers on zXX.php scripts
  • Database minor changes
    REMARK: Pricing/Costing scripts removed due workflow changes in progress.Will be back on 0.7.
    Other related scripts may not work.
  • Added link for webmail admin. AfterLogic webmail (GPL ver) integration in progress
  • Using MD5 User Passwords by default
  • LuxCal calendar integration in progress,some changes in DB still needed
  • Some translations and menu items fixed
  • License changed to Affero GNU Public License (AGPL)... read more
Posted by fbb labs 2012-01-08

faves-ERP MRP CRM for Manufacturing

  • CRM: Customers/clients and business contacts, communications and documents tracking.
  • Agenda using LuxCal component
  • Email using AfterLogic (Free version) web mail client
  • Sales: Opportunities,Quotations,Contracts,Projects,Sales Orders,Delivery and Picking Notes and Invoicing.
  • Automatic or manual transfering, strong support for customized made to order and configurable/variant products
    from Quotes and Sales Orders (reservations).Scheduling and manufacturing actions linked to Sales Orders.
  • Quick Product configurator using options (alternatives) and accesories or related items. Use XLS or ODS files
    for complex products configuration & costing.
  • Static and dynamic pricing rules, pre-costing and post-costing calculations. )
  • Products: Quick handling of complex BOMs and Routings.
  • BOM importing/exporting and linking module for Solidworks and Intellicad/Autocad (planned)
  • Sales documents handling. Automatic catalogue generator.
  • Basic PLM/documents/DMS functions.SVN interface planned
  • Purchases: Automatic or manual purchase orders generation from MRP. Price warnings and advanced reports.
  • Work orders: Planning per project/client or product or groups. Real time shopfloor time & materials tracking.
  • Inventory: Automated inventory tracking. Lot and serial number support for multiple locations.
  • E-commerce gateway (virtuemart,oscommerce planned)
  • Technical Service ,repairs and warranties module. and email (imap/pop) client
  • Basic Accounting and common gateways
  • Full translations support, application and products/documents
  • Advanced reporting using FusionCharts components (Flash)
  • PDF Reporting with JasperReports libs, iReports 4.x supported
  • AJAX (YUI) libs support
  • Basic DB structure created using templates (Phpmaker).Database design updatable
  • Support for MySQL,PostgreSQL,Oracle,MS SQL Server using PHP ADODB for Data Connections.
    Quote: Some scripts and components will work only with MySQL in beta versions.
  • POS,WO/shopfloor touchscreens and Mobile templates planned.
  • Asterisk SIP PBX integration planned.... read more
Posted by fbb labs 2012-01-08

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