Try Faust online

A completely rewritten Faust website is available at or at . Its
main feature is the possibility to use the Faust compiler online, via
the web pages, without having to install it on your machine.

The website contains a small catalog of softwares written in Faust. Each
software is available to download in various binary formats (Linux/i386) :

* standalone applications : alsa-gtk, jack-gtk, oss-gtk, libsndfile

command line
* plugins : ladspa, puredata, Q, supercollider

The SVG block-diagrams of each software are also available ('->svg'
link). These block-diagrams were generated by the Faust compiler using
the -svg option. You can navigate down the hierarchy of block diagrams
by clicking on the blue boxes. A click on the white background allows to
move up.

Another link, the '->code' link, allows to view and edit the Faust code
of the application. It is useful to learn how a specific application is
written in Faust. But the funny part is to modify the Faust code to your
needs. You can then recompile it and look at the generated C++ code or
at the corresponding SVG block-diagrams.

Once your Faust program successfully compile, you can choose the
appropriate architecture and download a 'source' tar.gz file that
contains the C++ code and a Makefile, or directly a binary file for

Posted by Yann Orlarey 2006-11-04

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