Faust is out

Faust is out, just in time for the ICMC'06 !

The major changes are :

1) Windows version : The source as been adapted to compile on Windows and a visual C++ project is now provided.

2) The introduction of several new architecture files :
- puredata.cpp
- jackconsole.cpp
- windowsdll.cpp
(some existing architecture files were also improved)

3) a tools folder have been added.
It containing faust2pd and faust2sc, two programs that greatly improve the support of PD and SC.These programs need to be explicitely installed. faust2pd depends on Q.

4) Two new compiler options :
--max-copy-delay <n> control the threshold between copy delays and ring buffer delays.
--less-temporaries switch limits the number of temporary variables which can make complex code more efficient in some cases.

5) New code generation schemes :
Code generation is moving (slowly) to vectorization and parallelization. Intervals are partially introduced in the type system, fixed delays are better handled, a "color analysis" is used to help parallelize signal expressions.

Posted by Yann Orlarey 2006-11-04

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