I am running faubackup from cron I assumed this was run as root, but I see that assumption was not correct.

Does this man that cron is running as "nobody".  I did some looking, how can I get this cron job to run as root?


Martin Waitz wrote:
hi :)

On Sat, Jun 26, 2004 at 08:45:32PM -0800, Scott A. Henderson wrote:
io:/# faubackup /usr/local/esoftware /usr/local/backup/esoftware
faubackup-scatter: WARNING: cannot set ownership of files

your backup data is fine, but it doesn't have the original ownership.
Most likely you are running faubackup as user and are trying to backup
data that doesn't belong to the user you used for the backup.

If all your data belongs to a single user, run faubackup under that
account; or run it as root.
Alternativly, ignore the warning. ;)


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