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guaranteed 16% return per year

The Princess Project from Silva Tree

The Princess Project is a pioneering reforestation venture in central Panama. 500 hectares of land, currently used for cattle grazing, are being reforested with the fast growing tree Paulownia Elongata (also known as Princess Tree or Empress Tree).

Paulownia is a fascinating species; believed to be the fastest growing hardwood in the world, it can be harvested 4-5 times in the space of just one Teak harvest and it provides an array of environmental benefits, from soil regeneration to an extraordinary rate of carbon dioxide uptake.

Investment Snapshot

  • Low investment amount from just 30,000 US$ per unit
  • Gross return of 145,200 US$ over 20 years\
  • Guaranteed returns of up to 16.8% p.a. for 20 years
  • Returns paid every 5 years
  • Tax advantages
  • SIPP qualified
  • CO2 climate change mitigation
  • Benefits to local communities
  • Land held in trust
  • Timber buyer with bonded guarantee

Investors Safety Guaranteed

download princess project e-brochure

Silva Tree investment opportunities have been carefully created to ensure maximum investor safety.

All Silvatree projects are backed by a trustee structure and complete,
transparent paperwork is available for every aspect of every project.

All projects are designed as certified Carbon offset projects and, as such,
are regulated by 3rd party verification bodies.

  • Project safety nets in place
  • Land held in trust
  • Clear land and tree ownership
  • Complete transparency

For more information and to download our e-brochures and research reports click here.

invest in a life time of demand

Excellent investment opportunities in Ukraine's agricultural sector.

watch jeremy cooke on bbc newsnight explaining why farmland in ukraine is a good investment

  • Ukraine is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world for agricultural producers.” BNE (April 2009)
  • Ukraine shows signs of recovery, and good prospects for a bumper harvest this year” FT May 2009
  • Ukraine became a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in May 2008, confirmation that Ukraine has brought its legislation and institutions up to international standards.
  • Ukraine now aspires seriously to EU membership within the next few years.

Demand for agricultural land is at a record high

Demand in agricultural land has increased as a result of the growth in the world's population (there are approximately 150 more mouths to feed every minute).  Add this to the desire for more land to produce bio fuels, and demand for soft commodities is higher than ever before.

Investment Snapshot

download research reports

  • One pai (5-10 hectares of land) for US$1,000 per hectare
  • Projected 14.9% yield on one-off cultivation cost of US$550 per hectare
  • 30% of the net profit from the harvest paid annually, providing year on year income for investors Capital growth from the lease of the land on exit
  • Projected 5 year exit based on a purchase of the site

For more information and to download our e-brochures and research reports click here.


The value of investments and their income fluctuate and carry a risk to your capital. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. If you are in any doubt about investing, you should consult a financial adviser.


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