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BCB2009 support

  • Roddy Pratt

    Roddy Pratt - 2009-03-04

    I have an updated version of FastMM4BCB.cpp that compiles propery with BCB2009 in 'unicode' mode. What's the best way of getting this back into FastMM?

    • Pierre le Riche

      Pierre le Riche - 2009-03-05

      Hi Roddy,

      There is a new BCB support module in testing that also compiles in unicode mode as far as I know. I am planning to create a subversion repository for FastMM so users can have access to development versions, so hopefully submitting patches will be easy in future.

      Best regards,

      • Pierre le Riche

        Pierre le Riche - 2009-03-05

        (If you would like to check out the latest BC support module before it is released, please send me an e-mail and I will forward it to you.)


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