Red October - 2011-12-30

I'm building 3T C/S applications in D7 (using separate Midas.Dll) using FastMM 4.99.   I am using FastMM in the client .exe (without change to the default .  It works correctly, as far as I can tell.   I also would like to use FastMM in the TRemoteDataModule (Application Server), which has a memory model set to   Multi-Threaded, Apartment      What are the correct settings I should change from the default  settings, to enable FastMM to be used safely in my TRemoteDataModule.  OR, should I not use it at all in the TRemoteDataModule?  I'm especially concerned about the Multi-Thread settings.   Do I need to change the Multi-Thread settings in the .inc file that I use for the client.exe due to the fact that I'm using Midas.Dll  ?    Thanks in advance for you help.