"acces violation" after FastMM report dialog

  • Gerard Beneteau

    Gerard Beneteau - 2009-08-18

    I am trying to catch a random acces violation at program exit since three weeks.

    Thanks to FastMM I detected some memory leaks, but FastMM did not detect any other error (I am in full debug mode and tried with and without CatchUseOfFreedInterfaces).
    The "acces violation" exception is (randomly) raised while FastMM show the dialog about a Memory Leak (from Indy 9 and expected).
    The call stack shown by the debugger is empty.
    I am using Delphi 7 and I am becoming desesperate !!!
    Any clue of where to look or what could I do next ??

    Thanks in advance

    • Gerard Beneteau

      Gerard Beneteau - 2009-08-19

      Silly me : I did not enabled the "AssumeMultiThreaded" option !
      My code is MonoThreaded, but not the components I use !!!

      - After discovering that VirtualTreeView was using a TWorker Thread,
      - And after a loooong search on Internet,

      I discovered a patch for VirtualTreeView addressing a similar problem (take a look at https://forums.embarcadero.com/thread.jspa?threadID=20189&tstart=90\)
      Once more, FastMM was at the rescue - thanks for that !!

      Now, I still have to find that there is no more access violation (and remember, they were random !)


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