Anonymous - 2010-04-16

I'm trying to use FastMM under Borland C++ Builder 6 to find some memory leaks.  Getting it to work with a simple application with a single form and no libraries wasn't a problem, but after I add a static library to the project and rebuild I get this message when I run the app:

'FastMM4 cannot be installed since another third party memory manager has already installed itself'

I've definitely got 'Use dynamic RTL' turned off, and I've ensured that I have the following line at the very top of my project's .cpp file:


But it makes no difference. If I remove the library, the application runs successfully and the leaks get reported. If I add the library back in and rebuild, I get the error. 

The static library is also configured to not use dynamic RTL.  I tried to add the FastMM pas files etc to the library but was unable to build it - I assume FastMM can only be integrated into applications or dlls.  Are there any special settings that I need to set in the file to allow FastMM to work with static libraries?