Hi Daniele,
Text-based markers require a special input format {'Markers 1', 'Marker 2', 'Marker 3', 'etc'}. The curly brackets and quotation marks are necessary for this to work properly. There is some more information on this in the manual if you are interested.

On 26 February 2013 14:17, Daniele Marinazzo <daniele.marinazzo@gmail.com> wrote:

sorry to bother you again, but given your fast and efficient feedback everything is getting sorted out very well, so I have another question:

when I run FASTER with unmarked epoching, everything is fien, and the resulting dataset is an epoched one.

On the other hand, if I run it with marked epoching, it does not take into account this information, and the output dataset is a continuous one.

what I indicate as the marker is its name (the same way I would do in EEGLAB when selecting an epoch). is this the correct way? any idea of why this could not work?

thanks again


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