Hi Omoniyi,
this error probably occurs when you have not selected the reference channel in the "Channels for ICA" section of the ICA options. If you have done this, could you send your job file and the FASTER_erorrs.mat file generated to me and I will take a look at it?

On 20 October 2011 06:13, Omoniyi Segun <omoniyi_s@yahoo.com> wrote:

Thanks for this great tool.

I am getting the error below when using FASTER to process EEG data from a neuroscan system.

Error: some channels not used for ICA decomposition are used for re-referencing

I have set both processing  and output reference to FCZ. I find that the channel FC3 immediately left of the reference channel has no signal on it after processing (Signal was present before processing) 

Have you seen similar issues when using the plugin and also is there a way i can resolve this .


Omoniyi Segun

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