Hi all,
after a longer-than-expected break in releases, FASTER v1.2b has been released. A number of key features have been added, along with bug fixes. Summary of main features:

* Integration with EEGLAB process datasets that are open in EEGLAB, with options to save them
* Distributed processing added (still beta!) allows a number of computers to share an EEG job which is processing files on a network drive. This feature can also be used to simultaneously process files using multiple instances of MATLAB, taking advantage of multiple processors.
* Number of smaller tweaks, including the option to select an output directory
* Bug fixes, including the bug with channel properties when using external channels which are numerically mixed in with EEG channels (i.e. they are not all at the end)

FASTER v1.2b is available for download at https://sourceforge.net/projects/faster/

Note that this is a beta distribution - it has been tested in our lab, but there may be errors due to particular set ups / processing conditions which we have not come across. Please let us know if you come across an error!

Also note that for existing users, the installation process has changed to enable use with EEGLAB. Follow the instructions in the manual.

Hugh and Rob

Hugh Nolan,
Trinity Centre for Bioengineering,
Printing House,
Trinity College Dublin.

Tel: +353861297722