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Officially dead

Sorry folks, this project is dead - I never had the time to get it up and running, and I probably never will. If anybody wants to create a similar project with similar goals, you can email me at cobraa1 at

Posted by Jeremiah 2003-11-14

Home page

I've got the home page for FastCVS up now. It's basic, but it'll probably make progress much faster than the project itself ;).

Posted by Jeremiah 2000-09-08


I've written the basic code, now I hope to get some programmers to help. I know it looks terrible now, but I hope it will turn out to be something. Unless somebody else joins, I'm afraid I can't do much now: I'm in college, and am also participating in the BZFlag project, so not much will be done on this project (except to clean it up) until later in the year.

Posted by Jeremiah 2000-09-04

Getting Started

I'll hopefully be making the first release and putting it on the CVS tree within a month.

Posted by Jeremiah 2000-08-29