Version 0.0012 released

big update!

version 0.12
added version control to protocol (not complete)
added parameter to exe file to select broadcast address
fixed startup / send / receive bugs, now 2 sockets are used to communicate with the network
nick changing now works fine (currently not saved at shutdown)
added start parameter to select broadcast address (now its time to make a config file!)
added versionscheck and now wrong/unknown cmds received are shown (but only the first 10 messages)
now users are shown that they left fastchat, if they kill their computer (fastchat has now a internal list of users)
added direct scrolling "shortcuts" (page up / down you can now scroll the directly messages when msg edit has focus)
added popup menu, now fastchat is minimized when "X" is clicked :-)
added away/dnd (sorry not complete yet)
added buildtime (version.h + version.c)
fixed many bugs

Posted by abma 2002-12-13

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