At a bit of a loss

  • Dan Bridgeman

    Dan Bridgeman - 2012-07-19


    First-time poster here. I'm having a bit of trouble getting started with Fast Code and was wondering if anyone could find the (probably glaringly obvious) place where I'm going wrong. I installed the plugin via Help->Install New Software, and pointed it to After I restarted Eclipse, I tried to follow the instructions on configuring templates, by going to Windows -> Preference ->Fast Code Preference->Template Preferences, but I don't even find Fast Code in my Preferences.

    Am I supposed to expand the org.fastcode_1.4.0.jar in my plugins folder? and/or move templates-config.xml someplace?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Support

    Support - 2012-07-25

    Hi Dan,

    What version of Eclipse are you using??
    Please open eclipse from command prompt with eclipse.exe -consolelog. Please send the screen shot of the log that appear in the console.

  • Thomas Letsch

    Thomas Letsch - 2013-02-18

    Hi Krishnaveni,

    I have the same problems, the preferences pages of fast code templates are not shown.
    In the eclipse log, the following NPE shows up:

    !ENTRY org.eclipse.equinox.preferences 4 2 2013-02-18 10:04:05.644
    !MESSAGE Problems occurred when invoking code from plug-in: "org.eclipse.equinox.preferences".
    !STACK 0
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.preferences.EclipsePreferences.put(
    at org.eclipse.ui.preferences.ScopedPreferenceStore.setDefault(
    at org.fastcode.preferences.PreferenceInitializer.initializeDefaultPreferences(
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.preferences.PreferenceServiceRegistryHelper$
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.preferences.PreferenceServiceRegistryHelper.runInitializer(
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.preferences.PreferenceServiceRegistryHelper.applyRuntimeDefaults(
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.preferences.PreferencesService.applyRuntimeDefaults(
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.preferences.DefaultPreferences.applyRuntimeDefaults(
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.preferences.DefaultPreferences.load(
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.preferences.EclipsePreferences.create(
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.preferences.EclipsePreferences.internalNode(
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.preferences.EclipsePreferences.node(

    I use eclipse 4.1 (Version: Juno Service Release 1 Build id: 20121004-1855).


    • Support

      Support - 2013-02-21

      Hi Thomas,

      Can you please let us know what OS you are using..
      Also, can you please try the below code on your machine and let us know if the output was null for the 2nd SOP.
      public class Test {
      public static void main(String[] args) {

  • Support

    Support - 2013-03-05


    A fix for the above issue is coming soon. Until then can you add an environmental variable "USERNAME", if it is not there already. Please check if it will not affect any other thing, before you try to do this.


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