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  • Anonymous - 2010-01-25


    I'm fairly new to Nagios and very new to FAN.  I have a working nagios installation running on Ubuntu 8.10 already.  My company wants more reporting capability than Nagios provides so I've decided to make a test installation of FAN.  The installation goes smoothly but I am not able to monitor any of the hosts that I am already monitoring with the other Nagios installation.  Could anyone provide instructions for setting up a windows host through Centreon.  I'm trying to monitor Win2k3 boxes using NSClient++.  When I create a host, I use the Servers-Win2K3 template which has checks for CPU, Memory, Swap, and Ping.  I get the following errors:

    cpu - ERROR when getting CPU percentage use values : ProcessorLoad Table : No response from remote host
    memory - ERROR: hrStorageDescr Table : No response from remote host
    Swap - ERROR: hrStorageDescr Table : No response from remote host

    The ping is successful.  I appreciate any help.



  • Gian

    Gian - 2010-04-09


    Assuming that the nsclient service is running on the windows machine, have you modified the "nsc.ini" file in the nsclient program directory allowing your nagios server to make the query (dont forget to restart the service after making changes in that file)? the other thing I had to do to get it running was to enter the password - the one set in the nsc.ini file - in the check command… so my check_nt_disk command looks something like this:

    $USER1$/check_nt -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -v USEDDISKSPACE -s "password" -l $ARG1$ -w $ARG2$ -c $ARG3$

    once that was done, I was able to monitor my windows servers.

    hope that helps.

  • Tom Talley

    Tom Talley - 2010-04-09

    I too am a new fan of FAN and I was able to get all of the basic windows services monitored without using NSClient++.
    I just used the standard windows snmp service.
    I don't really understand traps (I will post another request for this question), regardless, I had this same issue.
    So in the snmp service I set under "traps" tab Community name 'public" and trap destination as the ip of my FAN server.
    Under 'Security" tab  accepted community names added public as read only (if not already there), I had to check "Accept SNMP packets from any host".  If I check "From THIS host", I would not get any results.
    Then restart windows snmp service on the server.

    Centreon config:
    When I configured the host.
    I entered the hostname,alias and ipaddress/dns fields,  then in the Host multiple templated I added:
    Servers-Win2k, Servers-Win2k3 and generic-host, then ticked the yes button "Create services linked to the template"
    Configured the Check perios (24X7),Max check attempts(3),normal check interval(5).  You can play with notification setting as you like, but that was all I did. tick the "save' at the bottom.
    Then still in the configuration tab, click the Nagios subsection and tick the boxes "Move export files" and "Restart Nagios" then click the 'Export button".
    after a minute or two you shoudl now see results for Disk-C (total/used),CPU(% utilzation),Disk-E(total/used),Memory(virtual(total/used),ping, Swap (same as memory)
    All this is done without having to manually configure any of the 'check' commands.  pretty awesome.

    For simple windows monitoring this is a great appliance.
    Thanks everyone for your hard work in developing this platform.
    Now if I can just figure out this traps thing.
    Thanks again everyone!

  • Tom Talley

    Tom Talley - 2010-04-09

    Sorry I did not read earlier that you are already monitoring with another version of Nagios.  So my windows SNMP services comment is probably of no help unless you have only the destination of your existing Nagios server listed in the "Accept only from THIS host" opposed to "ANY host"?

    I was also try to add the "Host multiple template" and tick the Create services linked to the template = "Yes" and see if that gives you an results.
    Best of luck

  • Preetinder Singh


    I am having the same problem. I am trying to figure this out from last two days. I have checked that i have SNMP installed and community name configured proprely. I am using the same template win2k3.  Dont know whats going on.  Did you figured this out?

  • Bruno Hiriart

    Bruno Hiriart - 2011-09-01

    Hi everybody! I'm using FAN to check some Windows Servers. I couldn't find the way to check some specific services as DiskSpace, CPULoad. I've installed NSClient++ and I would like to know how to get response from the Windows server, now I get "Connection Refused" response, so I don't know what it's happening.

    I wait for you answer.

  • Preetinder Singh

    Hi Bruno

    You need to make sure that you open port 12489 TCP in your firewall and forwward to the client which you would like to monitor. Make sure that you uncomment NSC.ini where it says port number and allowed host. In you nagios server you need check_nt commands to check you host. you can reach me on or for more help. I recently deployed Nagios and i have to say that it is working really well. I had few issues in start but that was learning curve. please contact me for more help.




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