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Taking a turn for the good.

Sunday February 8, 2004
From: Donald Barton

To all Falcon staff,

Hello, I would like to introduce myself. Im Donald Barton, and Im twenty years old. I live in Brownsburg, IN which is fairly close to Indianapolis, IN. I have, since at age 12, have experience in coding. My first language I learned was Microsofts batch (.bat) scripting, then I learned Cobol, C, C++, Visual Basics, Pearl, Bash scripting, TCL, HTML, PHP, and the list goes on. I am currently working to get into computer networking, and I take college courses online.
Asides from all that, I will be taking over this project. I understand that this project has been dead for about half a year and Im looking to turn that around. I am going to spend some time going through the codes, web content, and so on to figure out where exactly we stand. I am going to add in more positions and eliminate some old ones, to get the blood flowing again. I believe that this project has some potential opportunities and hope to expand and grow, and become a reputable project. We currently have a web mail client, but would like to expand into a BBS system and possibly more.
Now what I need from you is, I need to know what your level of expertise are in. Im thinking of a couple of php coders, couple of web designers, and a User Interface supervisor that knows both php and web HTML to work back and forth to supervise the user-end interface, then I will be needing a packager to package the project sources in various different formats such as .rpm, or FreeBSDs porter every time we have a release. In a few days, I will post more volunteer positions and give everyone here [current members] first dibs, including management positions. But I would like to know what everyone is interested in doing, and reply back to the list.
Thank you in advanced for your cooperation. Remember, its every single person who makes a difference in this project. You make what you want out of this project, there are no limitations. I have created this email list so we can all keep in touch with each other. ... read more

Posted by Donald Barton 2004-02-09

Project Status

Hi, and welcome. I have been given the charge of Project Learder for FalconMail, and would like to introduce you to me. I am a coder in PHP, Delphi, Java, & C++. I have several years experince in testing & project managment commercially, and am now turning my efforts to the OpenSource Community.

I am currently going over the code (CVS Tree) and developing a plan of attack for the project. I have some ideas for the project, but I need to ensure they are feasable first. If anyone out there has interest in the project they can:... read more

Posted by Ted Joffs 2003-10-19

New Project Admin

Hi Folks.
Our old Project Admin Michael Smith left us. He could not go on working on FalconMail but we trust that FalconMail will be as good as he thougt it would be and therefore I'm the new Project Admin.
I hope I can do my job well.

So far, Matthias

PS: My motherlanguage is German so don't mind about some failures in texts. I would be glad if you tell me my mistakes ;-)

Posted by MG 2003-03-17

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