fail2ban-0.8.4 released

First of all: Hi! This is Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman. I joined the fail2ban development team a couple weeks ago, to try and fix some bugs. Apparently, I've succeeded. So, with permission of Cyril, I give you.... fail2ban 0.8.4! [1]

We have both bugfixes AND new features to introduce. 0.8.4 is the first fail2ban release to work with Python 2.6. You will never see the infamous "unexpected communication problem" error message anymore (we hope). Additionally, the logging subsystem is now shutdown when it really is not needed anymore, which fixes the "cannot release un-acquired lock" issue. Christos Psonis assisted in fixing the maxretry/findtime rate problem (thank you, Christos!).

On the new-features front, we have:

* A fail2ban-client command to manually ban a specific IP for a certain jail (buanzo).
* Two new filters: lighttpd-fastcgi and php-url-fopen (buanzo).
* Added actions to report abuse to ISP, DShield and myNetWatchman. Thanks to Russell Odom.
* A SuSE init script that correctly handles the socket file on crash. Thanks to Detlef Reichelt.
* A Nagios script to help you integrate fail2ban with Nagios. Thanks to Sebastian Mueller.
* Added NetBSD ipfilter (ipf command) action. Thanks to Ed Ravin.

... and much more!

For specific details, take a look at the ChangeLog file.

Thank you very much for using fail2ban. Keep those bug reports, patches and ideas coming!

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.

As always, do not forget to visit the website [2] and contribute to the documentation.

Buanzo and the Fail2ban development team


Posted by Cyril Jaquier 2009-09-07

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