unfortunately, my system is located in North America, and the product creating this log (Axway SecureTransport) is incapable of outputting the date in other formats.  I'm stuck with a hodge-podge of date formats on this system.
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2012/01/28 12:15 PM

Yaroslav Halchenko <lists@onerussian.com>, fail2ban-users@lists.sourceforge.net
Re: [Fail2ban-users] Possible bug in fail2ban-regex?


                Can't you check the locale to determine the proper date/time
format?  US formats are all MM-DD-YYYY.  European might be DD-MM-YYYY
although I'm not sure which locales support that setting.  Either
way, it should be possible to determine the proper format rather than
guessing by looking at the current time.

Just a thought.
                                                                                                     --- Amir

At 12:09 PM -0500 01/28/2012, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
>the situation is more intriguing -- finally I think it hits an issue of
>disambiguating dates, e.g. for 01-02-2011 16:22:44.252 would it be Feb
>01 or Jan 02?  the easiest solution imho is just to take the one which
>is closest to the current date/time
>so far there even were no pattern to match yours (only with %d-%m)
>-- did it actually work for you on these log files before, or you just
>tried it?

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