á is nice for figuring out the regex

are you sure that it's this line -- it says response code 200 which is OK , is there a linke %like% this but with 400 (Forbidden ) response code .... you could check for that.

is this your homebrewn login script ? , no offense but why don't you use Post / Form's ?


2012/8/10 Ben Johnson <>

On 8/10/2012 2:44 PM, Ben Johnson wrote:
> To be fair, this is more of a regular expression issue than a fail2ban
> issue.
> That said, what is it, exactly, you're looking to do with these
> entries? Because if you ban IP addresses based on the mere *presence*
> of these entries, then you're going to ban legitimate users when they
> log-in.
> Frankly, I'm surprised that Plesk passes the username and password in
> that manner; those values are written to your Apache logs (obviously),
> which seems like a terrible idea and a very unnecessary risk. If you
> are using a current version of Plesk, I would report that issue as a
> security risk.
> Anyway, unless there is some means by which to distinguish failed
> log-ins from successful ones, I don't see how these log entries will
> be helpful as far as fail2ban is concerned.
> -Ben
> On 8/10/2012 1:47 PM, Henri Knochenhauer wrote:
>> Hey at all,
>> i'm searching for a failregex solution for the following log entry
>> 85.214.yyy.yyy:8443 - [10/Aug/2012:18:24:53
>> +0200] "GET /login_up.php3?login_name=admin&passwd=wibke HTTP/1.1"
>> 200 5189 "-" "the beast"
>> its from the plesk administration interface
>> the is the ip which have to be banned and the
>> yyy.yyy is my IPů.
>> i would be very nice, if i got help from someone of u
>> thanks for the effort
>> HKnochi

a.) Sorry for top-posting. It was an accident. =)

b.) On second thought, as long as you white-list the IP addresses from
which Plesk log-ins should be permitted (in fail2ban), then you may
indeed ban at the mere presence of these entries.

The base regex could be as simple as the following:


You will have to add the fail2ban-specific bits to that, of course. You
might examine some of the other "failregex" examples for syntax.

Good luck!


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