Thanks for your reply. I will look into whether I could learn how to submit a CentOS package. Obviously, these Enterprise Linux distros often lag behind, for stability - but if people install the Yum package, they're definitely not getting the best version. If I can contribute, I will.

In the meantime, thanks for this mailing list - I'm learning my way around fail2ban, and have written a personal WordPress plugin that writes to a log file if a comment is marked as spam; the file is monitored by a jail I've created - the reason I haven't offered this to anyone yet is that I'm dreadful with regex patterns, and I seem to have some problems with fail2ban banning IPs after 1 failure, if I open and update the log file manually (when it scans, it bans every IP even if it's less than maxretry). Once I've been able to quantify the problem, I will post it here so people can have a look and hopefully help me solve the bugs.

But given that this is all running on an old version of fail2ban, that could be part of the reason I have problems :)

Tony Collins

On 6 December 2012 17:42, Yaroslav Halchenko <> wrote:

On Thu, 06 Dec 2012, Tony Collins wrote:

>    Hi Yaroslav

>    Thank you for all your work!

>    I've been using a CentOS yum package, which is still stuck in 0.8.4 or so.
>    I've modified it to take account of patches here and there.

>    But I would like to completely replace my yum version with the new
>    version. (I'm on CentOS 6, fully updated with everything else).

>    Is it as simple as using Yum to remove the existing one, and then simply
>    dropping the files in place, or are there scripts I need to run? I did
>    look for these kind of instructions but did not see any - forgive me if
>    I've missed it!

ideally -- someone (experienced with CentOS) should prepare
updated .rpm's and make it available from official or some other rpm
repository.    I wish someone experienced in CentOS/Fedora ecosystem
could help with this.

you could indeed just "dump" updated files in place of old ones, but
that is EVIL and might have various side-effects, but I guess it might
be the best way ATM for those systems.  anyone to chime in with more
helpful advice?

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