I have not.  I was merely thinkibg about some fail2ban features added natively to a [new/existing]syslogd.

On Feb 26, 2013 8:18 PM, "Yaroslav Halchenko" <lists@onerussian.com> wrote:

On Tue, 26 Feb 2013, Jan Engelhardt wrote:

> >> >  format for native syslog-ng 'filters'  seems to be also not
> >> > that easy to grasp

> >> What about a new feature, someway to tell fail2ban to listen to
> >> syslogd messages instead of reading files, instead of starting from
> >> "zero" ?

> >"listen to syslogd messages" -- how?  e.g. via syslog-ng 'filters'?

> You simply have syslog write to a pipe, like it already does with
> /dev/xconsole. All it then takes is f2b to read from the named pipe
> instead of files.

nah -- this is not much different for reading from the files.  I thought
there might be an API which would allow to avoid parsing the line into
e.g. 'date msg' components and figuring out what date format it is
etc... this could save quite a few cpu cycles

> Having f2b become a syslog daemon in its own right is programmatic
> nonsense.

noone suggested such a sin yet so far (or have I missed it ?)

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