Hello list

I'm using fail2ban for quite a while now, really great tool :-)
Now as I'm started using ipset I thought would be nice to use fail2ban with ipset. So I changed /etc/fail2ban/action.d/iptables-allports.conf and added/changed

#actioncheck = ipset -T OFFENDERS <ip>
actioncheck = echo >/dev/null
actionban = ipset -! -A OFFENDERS <ip>
actionunban = ipset -! -D OFFENDERS <ip>

works fine so far. Just two things:
I cannot use actioncheck because ipset -T OFFENDERS <ip> returns 0 in case the ip IS SET. It returns 1 if the ip is not set. And in that case fail2ban should proceed with the actionban. So is there a possibility to change the  behaviour and let fail2ban proceed if actioncheck returns 1?
At the moment I use -! in the ipset command so it never returns an error even if the ip is already set or if an ip is deleted which does not exists. Works but is a bit dirty ;-)

The other thing: Is there a way to get the bantime from the jail config? Like with <ip> just <bantime> or something like that?

Thanks for any input