Morning all.

Is it just my config or is fail2ban very temperamental?

If i start the server with "service fail2ban-server start"
then i do a status i get no jails active.
Then i use the "fail2ban-client reload" option and the jails then start and show my 12 jails active.
but even then i find that its not always the case and the following morning when i get my logwatch report, i find that attackers are still managing to attempt against the configured jails.
I then do yet another fail2ban-client reload and the log shows immediate blocking of IP address's due to jails.
Now it seems to be running normally.

Is there a command i can use to test the effectiveness of the config?

I am running on a centos 6.4 server x64 with fail2ban 0.8.10-3.el6