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JavaScript Interface Model.

At the moment, I am trying to create a system where javascript will process all the forms at the user end rather than at the web server. This will eliminate the transfer of CNC program information back and forth between the user's browser and the server.

However it is not possible to manipulate files at the user end with javascript, (except cookies). For this reason the option of two methods of saving the final program will be available. One method is to simply cut and paste information from the browser, the second would involve sending the completed CNC program over the internet to be returned by the web server as a file.

Posted by spingoogl 2007-01-03

From C to Javascript

Most of the c code is complete.
I am now moving on to learning how to use javascript. I cannot see a myself making a quality product without using javascript at the user end.

Posted by spingoogl 2006-12-21

Current Status

Still working on the code that will do dynamic editting of posted forms. I may end up dropping the bash shell scripts altogether and using strictly c as my programming language. I am beginning to lean this way because of performance issues with bash shell scripts. They take a long time. The browser and the server are on the same computer and they are taking a long time to process.

Posted by spingoogl 2006-11-08

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