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Moderate Comments

I have completed the Comment Moderation feature, which has been requested by a number of users. Currently, I'm integrating it with the rest of the administration system. When it's complete, I will try and post it as a seperate update to the main FactoSystem release.

Posted by K. John 2002-05-09

New Release - FactoSystem 1.1 Beta

The new version of FactoSystem is now available for download. If you are upgrading, simply extract the new files (with the exception of the database,) modify the config.asp file and upload them to your server. For more info, see the readme.txt file in the zip.

Posted by K. John 2002-03-23

In the Works

Currently working on a script to automatically upgarde .9 databases to version 1.0 beta. In the future, all new releases will have a feature to upgrade the database. As such, new release is going to take a little longer. Look for an update in about two weeks.


Posted by K. John 2002-01-30

Total downloads

We are actually closer to 1500 total download. I have had 300 off of FactoVision and the current total is over 1100.

Posted by Kenneth Rona 2002-01-12


Just checked the stats and saw that we have almost reached 1000 downloads of the current beta. Not bad. New beta is coming soon, and I am looking for volunteers to test is. Please drop me a line if you interested.


Posted by K. John 2002-01-10

New Version Coming Soon

FactoSystem 1.1 Beta will be the easiest to use release of FactoSystem yet. Currently, I'm revamping the administration system, adding instructions, some new security features (by request.) Expect further news in a week or so. Until then, please feel free to get in touch via the discussion boards (here at SourceForge.)

Posted by K. John 2001-12-01

FactoSystem Beta Back

Facto is now available again. Download it today!

Posted by K. John 2001-11-16

Facto Unavailable

Sorry folks. The updated beta was corrupted in transit. I am taking it offline for the remainder of the day. I should have it back up before midnight tonight. (11/15)

Posted by K. John 2001-11-15

Updated Beta Released

I updated the beta to address two problems. One was with the readme.txt file, which referred to the wrong default Administrator password. The other was changing the database so the Administrator had security privileges to use the Administration system.

Posted by K. John 2001-11-15

Error in Readme.txt

The readme say default password is Administrator. That's incorrect. The default password is admin.

Posted by K. John 2001-11-15

New Release! (1.0 Beta)

Beta 1.0 is now available! This version is the easiest to set up and use so far. I hope you enjoy using it.

I've included directions for setup (readme.txt) in the zip. It's very straightforward and shouldn't take you more than a few minues.

I've tested this version and it works on Win95, 98, IIS 4.0 and IIS 5.0. The database is MS Access 2000. If you don't have 2000, I can give a copy of the database in Access 97 format.... read more

Posted by K. John 2001-11-13


I am seeing a lot of downloads of the system, and I assume that people are starting to use it. Just remember facto is only free for non-commercial use. Please contact Ken Rona if you wish to use it commerically.


Posted by K. John 2001-10-15

Examples of Facto In Action

If you are interested in seeing facto in action, please try one of the following urls:


Posted by K. John 2001-09-19

Beta Testers

The next version of Facto is almost ready to be released. We need beta testers to make sure the system works in a variety of environments. If you would like to volunteer, please drop me a line.

Posted by K. John 2001-09-19

Source Uploaded

The current source is now located in CVS. It certainly was challenging to get it in there.

Posted by K. John 2001-09-06


The facto source is available for download here. Stay tuned for the alpha source code, coming soon...

Posted by K. John 2001-09-05

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